Programmable Digital Delay Timer (14 Pins)
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The LS7213R is a CMOS integrated circuit for generating programmable time delays. The delay is initiated by a logic transition at the TRIGGER input and the completion of the delay is marked by a change of status at the OUT1 and OUT2 outputs. Three inputs, D1, D2, and D3 select 1-of-8 scale factors, s. The delay, td, is related to s by the expression, td = s/frc, where frc is the frequency at the RC input produced by an internal oscillator. An external resistor-capacitor pair connected to the RC pin controls the oscillator frequency. There are four modes of operation selected by inputs A and B: On-Delay (OND), Off-Delay (OFD), Dual-Delay (DLD), and One-Shot (OST). These modes are described in detail in the datasheet.


• Produces real-time delays from 10 kHz-1kHz time-base range
• Eight time delay ranges: 0.1 – 1 Seconds; Minutes; Hours, 1 – 10: Seconds; Minutes; Hours, 10 – 100: Seconds; Minutes
• RC Oscillator generates time-base
• Four operating modes
• Reset for delay abort
• Complementary outputs
• Delay-in-progress indicator output
• 3V to 5.5V operation

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LS7213R-S (14-Pin SOIC), LS7213R (14-Pin DIP)


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