Archimedes Series Hexagonal Array Featuring The LS9100X-S
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X010-10P0L-30 is a complete and thoroughly integrated evaluation board that features the LS9100X direct-AC LED driver. The Archimedes Series is designed to be driven directly off the 120VAC line voltage, eliminating the standard power supply and extending the long-term life of the product. The high-power factor can provide enhanced energy savings to the end application. The smaller form factor provides significant flexibility in creative fixture design and reduces development time. This all-inclusive solution provides impressive performance for distributed light source applications in conjunction with the quality of light. The new board will simplify the evaluation process and development time by providing those who are interested with a premium design ready for testing


• 1100 lumens offering efficacies of up to 110 lm/W
• Eliminates the need for a power supply. Connects directly to the AC line voltage
• Fully compatible with most Dimmers. Leading/Trailing Edge Triac Dimmers
• Driver On Board. Patented Monolithic IC (Archimedes Series)
• >0.97 Power Factor
• <20% Total Harmonic Distortion
• <25% Percent Flicker <0.06 Flicker Index
• Zero Electromagnetic Interference
• Long Lifetime
• 2700K-5000K CCT Dim-To-Warm based on dimmer’s settings
• Thermal Aluminum rigid PCB substrate for mechanical robustness and heat dissipation
• RoHS Compliant

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